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Vidworkz Video Marketing Platform is a Video Marketing Suite that lets you Render beautiful 720p videos and clips for any purpose -- plus a powerful built-in Video Marketing Platform that shares your videos for you!

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But it doesn't have to be difficult. Because

Vidworkz video marketing suite and video marketing platform for video content marketing makes cool professional marketing videos easy because it's cloud-based video creation software designed specifically for effective video marketing.

There is no question that the internet loves cool marketing videos. And so do your potential customers - a professional marketing video is more engaging than a regular blog post or web page, and because of that, videos lead to higher conversion rates - more opt-ins, more leads, more sales come from video content marketing too.

vidworkz Makes Creating Cool Marketing Videos Fun & Easy

We do all the hard work on the back end via our robust video marketing platform, while you spend your time choosing content and designing your message so you can generate leads & sales - practically on demand.

Lots of Source Content

vidworkz contains thousands of stock clips, motion backgrounds, royalty-free images and music tracks for your videos. Just pick the ones you want and put 'em on your timeline. Tons of niches covered so you can create lots of video content.

@webdimensionshh Love it! Thank you for making my life easier and saving me time! I’ll definitely recommend Vidworkz to my friends. :)

Jacqueline Silk, London

vidworkz is Stocked with Tons of Content You can Grab with a Click!

vidworkz has multiple sources of content you can use for your videos including stock clips and backgrounds, royalty-free images and audio tracks.

Add Your Own Content

You can also upload your own images, video clips and mp3s. With vidworkz Slide Creator you can create any kind of visual image for your video with your content or ours. Upload your own audio and mix your video soundtrack.

With Vidworkz it's so easy to upload my own images and video clips and put together a video. Thanks Vidworkz!

Rick Burdo

vidworkz lets You Add Your Own Video, Audio and Image Content!

You can also upload your own images, video clips and mp3 audio to your Vidworkz videos.

Make Easy Powerpoint-Type Videos

Just type in your text and click to generate your slide clips for your video. Use our built-in text to speech engine or add your own audio!

It's super-easy to get my marketing message across by making a quick Powerpoint-type video with Vidworkz!

Doug Halfpenny

vidworkz Powerpoint Slide Generator: Create Video from Text

Each line of text is made into a video clip in your project, like a powerpoint presentation.
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Easy to Share & Post

Just a few clicks to connect your Youtube account to the video marketing platform and vidworkz posts your videos for you in a flash! Vidworkz video marketing suite also integrates with your DailyMotion accounts and Vimeo apps!

Google and Youtube absolutely love it when their users create and post video content. Get rewarded consistently with nice rankings in the search results pages for your content marketing.

Vidworkz is amazing the way it posts my videos almost without me doing anything, and then they show up in the SERPs! Way to go Vidworkz!

Cliff Pasta

vidworkz Integrates with Youtube, Vimeo and DailyMotion for Great Search Rankings

(Screenshot: a test I ran already several years old. The videos are still in top place in teh video search :)

Dominate Your Niche with Video

You can easily put out videos that rank in Google and Youtube for the niches you target.

Simply pick a great headline, add your description and your product link and build a simple video around the headline and let vidworkz video marketing platform do the rest!

vidworkz posts your video to your sharing accounts, then syndicates your videos to your indexers and syndication networks, resulting in a wide broadcast of your marketing message.

I love the way I can use Vidworkz to easily rank my client's businesses!

Peter Williams, Ocala

Simple vidworkz Videos Almost Always Rank for the Keyword with Well Designed Meta Text

And I give you COMPLETE training on how to leverage keywords to get rankings fast.
Vidworkz videos can rank for any topic that you create around the video.
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What are people saying about vidworkz and its creator [Hugh from Web Dimensions, Inc.]?

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To be truthful, there are some aspects of Video Marketing that can drag you down:

  • Rendering and uploading videos to just one network can take ages
  • (syndicating your video across all of them will take forever)
  • Stock images and video get expensive very fast.
  • Putting even simple videos together can take a lot of time
  • (which isn't much good for big campaigns where you're targeting multiple keywords)

Vidworkz Video Marketing Platform is designed to solve all of those problems, and a lot more...

Just check out all the cool features that come with vidworkz:

  • Thousands of pre-screened, royalty free images to integrate into your videos - or use your own
  • Hundreds of royalty free music tracks to choose from (Or upload your own)!
  • Tons of Hi-Def motion backgrounds to add another dimension to your videos
  • Use our Text-to-Speech robot to create a voice over -
  • Or record your own or someone else's voice via your computer microphone
  • Or upload a pre-recorded voice over or any audio.
  • Easy authorization with Youtube - just log into Google and grant vidworkz permission.
  • Easy integration with DailyMotion & Vimeo
  • Easy integration with Onlywire for 2nd tier link syndication
  • Two different spinners integrated for unique text
  • Indexers integrated for instant indexing of your content!
  • Youtube Keyword tool integrated in the headline elements
  • Google maps integration for geographic location of videos
  • Audio Mixer console to make sure your music & vocals sound good together
  • Unique "Clip Generator" adds a "Feature Box" to highlight information (like a phone number)
  • Runs on Mac AND PC (and any other operating system since it's web-based and runs in the cloud - not on your computer!)
  • You can re-do your videos as many times as you want and publish as many videos as you want for about as much as it would cost you to buy lunch!
  • No downloading or uploading any video files or software whatsoever - vidworkz does everything in the 'cloud'!

With vidworkz, you can create videos for:

  • Affiliate sales
  • Lead generation
  • Launch jacking
  • SEO
  • Offline business
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